Frequently Asked Questions

Does Geena Fie work for Dave?

No, I do not work for Dave Ramsey or Ramsey Solutions. 

I am part of Ramsey Solutions Local Coach Program, a Preferred Ramsey Coach and an independent business owner who has promised to give you the same advice as Ramsey Solutions in-house coaches. 

Being a part of the Local Coach Program gives me special access to resources and staff at Ramsey Solutions. Access to these resources and staff ensure I can provide high quality service to my clients. 

Because we are independent, our services may vary from other Ramsey Solution Master Financial Coaches. 

Do you coach people who are not Christians? 

Absolutely! I want everyone to be debt free! 

Our principles are biblically based, yet "not-in -your-face" and we think no matter what religion you practice, you have the right to learn how  to become debt free. 

Non-Christians and those with out religious affiliation can still benefit from the sound advice given. 

For example: When tithing is mentioned you can replace that with giving to your favorite charity. 

How do I know if I need a coach?

Financial coaching is NOT just for those who struggle to pay their bills. Financial coaching is for anyone looking to live debt free, build wealth, and/or start a business or already owns a business.

Most Americans were not taught how to properly budget and handle money. As your coach, I will get to know you and you're unique situation, provide information, help interpret the issues and identify options. I will teach and educate you, helping you grow and better yourself with your finances all while giving you encouragement and being your biggest cheerleader.

If you answer yes to any of these questions financial coaching may be right for you:  

Are you facing a financial crisis? 

Harassing creditors? 

Foreclosure or Bankruptcy? 

Do you need an accountability partner to keep you on track with your budget?

Are you thinking of starting a small business? 

Do you own a small business and struggle with finances?

Are you trying to figure out the best way to build wealth?

 Financial coaching is a very hands on service specific to your unique situation. Even if you have some general questions about money management, financial coaching could be right for you. 

Why do you not recommend debt consolidation or bankruptcy?

As a person who has filed bankruptcy, I can tell you from personal experience it is something that never goes away even when it does fall off your credit report. It can be devastating both mentally and financially.  

Bankruptcy is for life. Loan applications and many job applications will ask you if you ever filed for bankruptcy.

Debt consolidation is a slippery slope as most people take on more debt after consolidating or end up in bankruptcy because they did not change their behavior. 

In North Carolina some average estimated costs associated with bankruptcy are:

Chapter 7 - $1379 +/-

Chapter 13 - $5335 +/-

Chapter 11- $10,000-$25,000 +/-

And you may not qualify to file Chapter 7 bankruptcy after your means test. You may  only qualify for Chapter 13 which is a repayment plan. Plus you have to attend credit counseling and I promise when I did my required credit counseling mandated by Bankruptcy court I learned nothing and felt it was a waste of time. 

Our fees are a bargain compared to these options, plus you will have a plan to change your financial future! Many couples find that addressing their financial situation reduces the stress on their marriage. 

You deserve to work with someone who understands your situation and will help you learn how to change your behavior and how to manage you money.  

Will you set up a payment plan for my coaching fee?

My goal is to help people become debt free. Therefore, I do not want to become your creditor and create more stress for you by setting up a payment plan. 

We request payment be made up front and in full for each session.

Remember, financial coaching is the most detailed service offered, which is why it's one of the most costly. 

Other less-expensive options are available such as, and Financial Peace University. Keep in mind coaching is focused on YOUR unique situation, very personal, detailed and tailored for YOU.

How do I pay for financial coaching if I am broke?

It's true that coaching typically isn't cheap. That's because it's time-intensive, and you're paying for the coach's skill and knowledge to help you escape a bad situation. Most coaching clients are struggling to manage their finances. They might be broke, but they're almost never poor. There is a big difference!

In other words, you can be broke earning  $35,000 - or even $500,000.  A nationally recognized famous friend of ours would say to us. "I am broke, just on a different level".  I always laugh when I think of his comment, but it rings true for so many. Click to see North Carolina Living Wage Calculator for some eye opening insight. 

Consider this: Lots of broke people will spend $3.00-5.00 or more per day on coffee from Starbucks. Over a year that can add up anywhere from $1,100-$1,825  or more per year OR your easily spending $150 a month on cable which is another $1,800 per year on things that give you nothing in return.  You could work a full year with me as your financial coach for less than that! And in return, you could learn to manage your money, keep more of the money you earn, improve your marriage, and lower your stress level. Being broke really is a choice!

You just have to make your financial future a priority and be willing to make sacrifices. 

If my spouse will not come, can I still work with a coach?

Our policy requires both spouses to attend the coaching session. Coaching only one spouse does not work. This must be a team effort. If you spouse is not on board, sit down with them in a non-distracting environment and communicate how much you want them to participate in the finances. Do not let this be a time to nag, yell, scream, etc. Suggest that you would like your Christmas, birthday or anniversary gift this year be attending financial coaching, or even Financial Peace University. 

What is Financial Coaching?

A quick look at Americans' finance reveals that the average person on the street is broke! Financial coaching is about educating clients on the basics of personal finance and help them create a spending plan that reflects their values and goals. 

As your coach, I will get to know you and you're unique situation, provide information, help interpret the issues and identify options. I will teach and educate you, helping you grow and better yourself with your finances all while giving you encouragement and being your biggest cheerleader.

Some topics generally covered include:

Address your unique financial problems

Developing a budget and spending plan

Creating awareness around spending habits

Explore emotions and behaviors regarding your finances

What do you want out of life- What are some fun goals you can budget for

Accumulate 3-6 months savings

What do I need to do before the first coaching session?

Before our first coaching session I will send you a preliminary form to fill out asking some questions about your financials and what your goals are for the session. This information allows me to fully be prepared for your session and ensures you get the maximum value out of your time investment. Your preliminary form must be returned to me two business days prior to our scheduled appointment . Upon reviewing your preliminary form I may ask for additional information prior to meeting. 

I will also send our coaching contract for you to sign and a invoice for your session which must be paid two business days prior to your session. 

If these items are not received two days prior then you session may be rescheduled. 

What can I expect during coaching sessions?

Each financial coaching session is designed to assist you and your immediate needs. However, we do have a systematic approach we like to follow. 

At the begining of the first coaching session we will ask question based on the preliminary forms you provide and listen to understand your situation, your financial status and goals. 

We will then start to discuss development areas we need to focus on to help you achieve your goals. 

We will wrap up the first coaching session by reviewing what we've learned and email you a recommendation within 1 business day which contains action step and resources. 

Subsequent financial coaching sessions will address the items you desire to focus on, review the actions steps from your previous financial coaching sessions and work on the next development areas in your financial plan.

Why do you agree with Dave Ramsey's finance philosophies over other money people?

First and foremost, Dave Ramsey's teachings are faith-based and biblically based. 

Let's take the Debt Snow Ball for example: you may read online you should use the Debt Avalanche method and pay your highest interest credit card off first. That may be true mathematically, but for the majority of Americans - We Need Wins - and to see quick progress, otherwise we loose motivation.  The Debt Snow Ball falls inline with our human nature and feels very empowering. You see progress quickly and you see that you can really pay off your debts. 

Another example: As a Realtor, I always thought 30 year fixed mortgage was the best way to go. After learning Dave's philosophies on 15 year fixed mortgage and realizing how much real money you save,  I am proud to say my husband and I refinanced our home into a 15 year fixed mortgage loan, which will save us over $100,000 in interest payments alone. 

There are many more examples I could give but I want to close with this finial thought. When I attended Entreleadership Master Series I was lucky to be able personally meet Dave, his wife, and visit his home with a small group of other Master Series attendees. 

I have personally seen how his employees love him, respect him and the amazing business he has built. God has blessed him because he and his wife are generous people who follow the word of God. When I came home and told my husband of all my wonderful experiences I looked at him and said "Dave is living proof if you do God's will, he will bless you and how can you argue with someone philosophies's that are biblically based?"  I personally can't. 

Financial Coaching vs Financial Advisor

Comparing financial advisor and financial coaches are like comparing apples and oranges. Both are good, yet very differnet. 

Financial Advisors business model is to  help people who have already assets. They focus on giving advice on your portfolio by providing specific securities and investment advice. You give them control of your assets and they do the work for you. Many financial advisors are licensed to buy and sell financial products, such as stocks, bonds, annuities, and insurance. 

Financial coaching model is to help people focus on debt reduction, education, growth, and decision-making process so that you master wealth building skills. It is all about becoming debt free, helping you stop feeling guilty about your relationship with money , build weath by learning how to manage your money and make better informed decisions. 

We love financial advisors and want to see you work with them as well, but most of the time if you have no assets , credit card debt, no emergency savings fund and no idea how much money is coming in or going out it is harder for a financial advisor to assist you.

What is the meaning for Be3 Project?

Be3 Project stands for: 

Be Different • Be Weird • Be You

Although people are not projects. I like the meaning of project-(n) an individual or collaborative enterprise that is carefully planned and designed to achieve a particular aim. (v) extend outward beyond something else; protrude. 

One of my favorite Dave Ramsey quotes is "Normal is Broke - Be Weird"

It's hard not to want to keep up with your friends and family, but it's better to be you and live within your means. You never really know how in debt another person really is. 

 As a Realtor® working with Buyers, Sellers, Investors and Renters. I see first hand the hardships debt causes on people to reach their goals of financial freedom, home ownership and owning their own small business and I feel it is only going to get harder for Americans to manage with the increase of student loan debt and consumer debt. 

I have a strong convention and what I feel is a calling from God to become a financial coach as well as maintaining my Real Estate. I honestly haven't figured it all out yet, but I know in time it will be relieved to me exactly how He wants it to be.  

So my goal with the Be3 Project is to educate, and empower people to just be themselves, purchase smart and start living a debt free life and not care about "Keeping Up with The Joneses".  To Collaborate with my clients, carefully create a plan that works for them and help them move forward. 

All Coaching Will Be Subject to These General Policies:

We Can and Do Promise You:

We will tell you what we believe you need to hear, we will offer a plan with clear direction, we won't give up on you, and we will be available to you. 

We expect, and assume, this promise from you:

You will come prepared to make the sacrifices necessary to succeed, do what you need to do in order to understand the plan and recommendations, take full responsibility for your plan and its implementation, take the action required to meet your goals, and contact us when you need additional advice and direction. 

Requested Information

As for the information, documents and material we ask you to provide in advance: Documents must be received in our office two full business days prior to your scheduled appointment. If any requested information, documents and/or materials are not submitted within that time frame, we may reschedule your coaching session. You assume all responsibility for providing accurate and complete materials, documentation and facts upon which our coaching may be based. 


Coaching is designed to give you accurate and authoritative information in regard to the subject matter covered. It is provided with the understanding that the coach is not to render legal, accounting or other professional advice. Depending on your situation, you must also seek the services of a licensed therapist, licensed legal, accounting and/or investing professional.

Attendance & Cancellations

1. If you are married, both spouses must commit to and take part in all scheduled coaching sessions. 

2. We request cancellations be made at least one business day prior to scheduled appointment. 

Our Confidentiality Policy

The nature and content of all matters discussed, all fact revealed, and all documents provided to us or that we generate will be kept confidential. We will reveal such matters only upon receipt of a written authorization and clear, verifiable instructions from you telling us exactly what we may reveal. If you are married, both spouses must sign the authorization and instructions.

No Solicitation Policy

Full Disclosure: I am an active  licensed  Realtor in North and South Carolina.  If you are working with me as your financial coach and looking to purchase a home. I will NOT solicit you for your real estate business. However, if you request to work with me as your Realtor I would be happy to assist. 

Fellow Realtors Policy

If you refer one of your real estate clients to me to assist with their financials, I promise I will not take them on as a real estate client.